The MetLife Sports Complex offers around total 27,500 parking spaces on the east and west sides of the Complex.
Prices may vary by event but usually fall into the range of $25-$35 per car and $75-$150 per bus.

Motorcycles may park in all lots based on availability, and the type of parking permit held by the driver.

Recreational vehicles may enter any parking lot, where they will be directed to park along the curbs based on available curb-line space. If there is no curb-line space is available, vehicles will be directed to Lot L. Buses will also be directed to Lot L.

Tailgating is allowed in the parking lots. All tailgating items must be set up in front of or behind one vehicle. Roadways and additional spaces must be kept clear for other visitors and emergency vehicles.

Enter the following address in your Sat Nav system to make your journey easier:
1 MetLife Stadium Drive, East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073